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Part of my work involves developing websites for clients to communicate their message in a suitable way. This one (maxbingham.com) is based on Joomla! which is a content management system. Of course, setting up a website these days is easy. There are many systems available and each has its own benefits. I have tried out many systems and felt that Joomla was the best for my particular needs. One of my sites (microbes.me), is based on WordPress.

The challenge involved in a successful website is not how it works. It's the content that matters and that takes time to develop and setup. That is where I can add value with well written, accurate and engaging narrative.

Please get in contact if you want to develop a bespoke website for your message. 


UK Conference of Science Journalists (ukcsj.org)

The UK Conference of Science Journalists is now gearing up for its second edition. To help the organisers (the Association of British Science Writers) promote it, I was asked to develop a new site for them. It is now online at ukcsj.org.

The idea is to provide the conference with a home for the future and easy access for any one interested in content from previous edition(s). 

It's built using Joomla and various additional components which should make it easy to edit and add new content to. It also has a Podcast Manager buried inside to easily serve up audio recordings from the previous 2010 edition.

Apart from building the site, I will continue to provide support over time. In the run up to the conference, we've also got some plans for some snazzy applications in the social-side of the site. Here's a screen grab:

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