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Part of my work involves developing websites for clients to communicate their message in a suitable way. This one (maxbingham.com) is based on Joomla! which is a content management system. Of course, setting up a website these days is easy. There are many systems available and each has its own benefits. I have tried out many systems and felt that Joomla was the best for my particular needs. One of my sites (microbes.me), is based on WordPress.

The challenge involved in a successful website is not how it works. It's the content that matters and that takes time to develop and setup. That is where I can add value with well written, accurate and engaging narrative.

Please get in contact if you want to develop a bespoke website for your message. 


Not strictly science, still technical and a bit of a success. NEC-Adjudicators.org picks over the intricacies of a particular type of contract that the UK building industry is using more and more. I was involved in developing their site.

The ultimate aim of the site is to provide timely information about the contract, its workings and applications and issues. It also operates as a nominating body for construction adjudicators.

My role was/is to develop the site and provide ongoing editorial services and development of the site.

The site is based on Joomla and includes various works and components from other independent developers. In terms of authorship, the content is provided by various leading lawyers and consultants specialising in construction law and building contracts and who are based in the UK.

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