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What are the benefits of employing a Science Writer?

Science writers, scientific writers, medical writers and science journalists all have one thing in common: they make a living out of writing about science. They are professional service providers specialising in the written scientific word.

Sure, there are different varieties of science writers and each will have their own particular topic and style. Popular writing, blogging, PR, continuing education and technical writing all require different styles and narratives and a good science writer will be able to navigate these with ease. In my case, I specialise in technical writing and specifically the timely production of peer-reviewed scientific publications and academic materials such as books for scientists. I can adopt a different style and produce articles that are more 'popular' in style. Blog posts are a good example. So, what can you expect from using the services of a scientific writer? What value can they bring to your work? 

Reduced time from draft to publication

Using the services of a scientific writer can save you a great deal of time. For example, I can take your mansucript from first draft to submission in very few versions all the time keeping a check on language usage, narrative and journal requirements. You are employing someone skilled specifically in scientific writing. You won't have to struggle through 16 rounds of drafting and then negotiate with your co-authors on the use of commas. If English is not your first language, I can also help. I can help you quickly convert a draft manuscript into high quality scientific English.

Improved chances of acceptance

Papers get rejected for all sorts of reasons. The science itself might be of sufficient quality but if language use or narrative fail to convey ideas and arguments, rejection is just around the corner. There are also journal submission requirements that can be a mine-field to negotiate. Do you know the difference between CONSORT and Universal Requirements? Have you checked your paper for plagarism? Journal editors do... why not check yourself before you submit?

Get the attention you deserve

You are trying to communicate ideas as words and one of the first barriers to negotiate is the Editor you are trying to convince to publish your paper. The importance of a covering letter should not be under-estimated. As a scientific writer, I can help you draft your letter to give you confidence during submission. Unless you are very experienced (or a journal editor), you will probably not have come across many of these. What do you include? What do you not include? What style do you write it in? I can help.

A second set of independent eyes

Bringing in a science writer to help produce your paper, also brings a second set of eyes that will have a serious attention to detail. I can also help you express your ideas and discoveries in different ways for different channels (e.g. popular styles or as press releases). 

Time v Quality v Money

Striking a balance between time, quality and money can be difficult. Grant budgets are shrinking but you are still expected to keep publishing as a scientist. As a science writer, I aim to provide you with a solution to this: high quality writing at a price that is designed to fit with lab budgets and help you get to publication quicker.  Lab reagents and equipment can be expensive. Think about the price of that fine chemical you recently purchased. What about that waterbath? Why not invest in getting published?

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