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Terms and Conditions

Well... if you've made it here, you're obviously considering whether to use my services. That is great news. I am not a fan of lengthy T&C's that are impossible to interpret. I hope that the below helps you understand my way of working and explains clearly what you can expect working with me.


I have set out my rates here. All projects are bespoke and I will send you a quote or estimate for the work specified. If extra work becomes necessary during the process, I will let you know and we can then agree on further costs in advance.

In addition to my fee, I do charge for the following items at cost.

  • Travel and accomodation costs
  • Major communications costs (e.g. courier services, international calls etc)
  • Sub-contracted services such as printing, image rights etc.

Fees and charges are exclusive of VAT which will be added as an additional item on the invoice where applicable.

When I travel on your behalf, I charge at 50% of my normal rate.


I am a freelance writer which means survival in this business is dependent on prompt payment by clients. When you receive an invoice, it would be highly appreciated if you can pay as soon as possible. I require payment within 30 days. I understand that in some circumstances institutional rules might mean that this is impossible. If you have payment terms of 60 days or 90 days (what is that?), I will require payment up front to exactly the same percentage (90 days = 90%) because the job will probably be complete by the time payment is received.

Payment is only considered complete when funds reach my account. Please allow sufficient time for transfer of funds ensuring that any fees are debited to your account. If your transfer falls short of the invoice total, I will ask for a further transfer.

If a project extends beyond beyond it's original remit (for whatever reason but do read Additional Work below), I reserve the right to send you an interim invoice by agreement. If you decide to abort a project, I will agree with you an invoice total for the work done up to that point.

Additional Work

When I make you a quote, I will try to be as clear as possible by defining the tasks to be completed and the product(s) to be delivered. I will make additional charges (agreed in advance) if you add further tasks in the course of the project. For tasks that I am not the best person to complete, I will search for a suitable sub-contractor.

For work that is not clearly defined or which I have not seen the necessary documents in entirety, I am willing to provide estimates as opposed to a quote. Once the aims of the project become clear, I will be willing to provide a quote.

If I spend time developing your idea with you or 'pitching' your idea with you (for example with a publisher), I reserve the right to charge at the rates here. This will be by agreement up-front.

I undertake to keep additional charges to a minimum and will always agree with you the value before I send an invoice. I am not known for surprises.


I will of course try to meet deadlines and milestones as agreed. However, you or a third party might be unable to provide necessary materials or respond to questions in good time. Equally, issues can happen here such as failures of internet connections. If these sorts of problems arise, I will do my best to advise you of what actions I will take.

I work a normal week but I realise that deadlines don't always do the same. If you have an unmoveable deadline, it is always good to know about these as early as possible. If I have to work at weekends or at night for you, I will charge at rush rates here.

Publishing and Authorship arrangements

I do not support ghostwriting where authorship is declared. This is particularly the case for peer-reviewed manuscripts. In fact, many publishers and editors require declaration of this so-called 'editorial assistance'. I will work with you to find the most appropriate form of attribution in all projects. This is also the case where authorship is not given at all (e.g. outreach materials)

Regarding copyright on written materials and images that I produce on your behalf, you will retain all copyright. It is not in my interest to try to claim such copyright (as long as I receive a fee!). It will be up to you to police your own copyright.

With respect to obtaining permission to use other people's copyrighted materials, I can assist you in obtaining such permission. If I am not satisfied that we have suitable permission I will insist that the materials are removed from whatever we are producing. Please understand that it your responsibility finally to obtain such permissions and I will not be held responsible for copyright infringement in the case of any materials supplied by you.

Finally, when I am writing for you, I expect that you take responsibility for the science being described (remember, you are the scientist, I am the scientific writer). You are hiring me to help improve the language, style and narrative and get your science published. Under no circumstances will you hold me liable if you get sued for libel or defamation. Sorry!

Notes: These terms and conditions are not intended to negate those in any contract or agreement we might have in place. I will assume that these terms and conditions are acceptable to you (and that you've actually studied them), if you decide to send me work. I will include these details in any agreement we finally make. If you send me an agreement, please attach these conditions to your contract that you want me to sign.

Last updated: 20th September 2011

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