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pen_400x300.pngScientific Writing and Editing

As a scientific writer, I can help you craft, draft, build and produce your latest scientific publication. This includes manuscripts for publication in peer-reviewed scientific journals, book chapters and academic books.

You can use my skills as an experienced scientist (I have a PhD and several years of academic and industrial research) and scientific writer to build your publication quickly and efficiently.

As a native English speaker, I can help you improve the style, language-use and narrative used in your manuscript and improve its chances of being accepted.  As your writing partner, I can improve your time to publication by avoiding multiple rounds of drafting between you and your co-authors and make sure your manuscript meets journal style requirements. I can also produce masterful narrative in covering letters and press releases and help you engage journal editors and reviewers in a persuasive but polite manner.

Key areas of expertise - Biomedical Sciences

As I mentioned before, I have a PhD and several years of experience as a research scientist. My (very) general area of expertise is biomedical sciences and based on previous experiences, I can hold a sensible conversation about clinical trials, disease treatments, infectious diseases, nutrition, microbiology, ecology, genomics and molecular biology. If you need help with writing and editing in any of these areas, you have come to the right place. I will also consider psychological sciences if pushed. If you need a writer specialising in physical, geophysical, computer, political or social sciences, I can point you towards writers that have more experience.    

Key services: scientific writing, academic writing, editing, proofreading, developmental writing.

Please review what I require from your side.

What you receive back from me

It depends on what you want to receive! In general I will supply you with a fully marked up manuscript in Microsoft Word (Apple Pages and PDF are also possible) with all edits, additions, deletions and comments. I will also supply a so-called cleaned version with all markup removed. This is to make the manuscript easy to read when you receive it. I will also supply an editorial review indicating where the manuscript might be further improved and an overview of what I have changed (and why). I can also help you format the manuscript according to specific journal requirements. You can expect a similar service with respect to books and book chapters.  

I am more than happy to have confidential discussions and work under confidentiality agreements.

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