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All the projects I work on with clients are bespoke, meaning that I tailor my services to your needs. My estimates and fees are based on the following rates:

My hourly rate is €65 + VAT (where applicable).

For rush jobs my hourly rate is €100 +VAT (where applicable).

In addition to my fees, I do charge at cost the following:

  • Travel and Accomodation Costs if/when I visit you.
  • Major communication costs such as courier services and international telephone calls (I try to use Skype as much as possible).
  • Sub-contracted services. Basically I can't do everything and I will arrange services for you that I can't perform (e.g. printing, indexing)

All my services are customised to meet your specific needs. I have put together some scenarios to help you understand the type of budgets needed for writing and editing services:


This will include simple proof reading and minor editing of a reasonably well prepared manuscript. I will check spelling, grammar, verb tense consistency and formatting consistency. You will receive a fully marked up document with edits and comments as required. I will also send an editorial review explaining how you might further improve the manuscript. Major structural changes will not be made.

Based on an 8000 word document, this might need 4-5 hours work. 

Major Editing

This will include all the features of above as well as editing for style, narrative and language usage. I will eliminate jargon, smooth language usage and re-write to improve sentence clarity. I might include significant re-writing and re-structuring of your manuscript if required.

Based on an 8000 word document this might require 8-10 hours work... but it might need more or less. I will let you know if you contact me.

Professional Writing

You have a (clinical) report or rough draft of a manuscript and need to turn this into a submission ready manuscript with covering letter, online materials and supplementary document. You also need support through peer review to publication.

There are many variables here but you might need anything from 30-100 hours of work. In this case I can agree a total price with you up front. 

Academic book production

This is a major undertaking and costs will be dependent on the length of your book project, and the level of support you need to get your book to publication. Please contact me for a confidential discussion and I will be more than happy to supply an estimate.

Other services

You might for example require support in producing images and graphics that are acceptable to whatever journal or printer you want to submit to. You might need me to help you obtain copyright permissions to use images and graphics of others. I can help you check your document to ensure it meets journal requirements.

I will give you an estimate of costs, if you contact me.


For basic editing, I can usually return your manuscript within 3 - 5 working days. For larger long-term projects, it will be dependent on what else is going on at the time. I will agree with you up front timings and milestones. For rush service, much will depend on deadlines that I have to meet at the time.

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