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I've put together some simple guidelines to help you get the best out of my services. You might even save some money in the process.

  1. What to provide and when: For preparation of a manuscript from scratch I will need materials such as a report containing the data e.g. a clinical report and relevant publications in your area. You might also consider sending a rough first draft of the manuscript you are looking to publish. I can then edit and bring your manuscript to the point where you can consider submitting to a journal. In the case of academic book development, there are many stages to consider and I will work with you to understand what will be needed. 
  2. How to provide materials: I can cope with many document formats but the best route is to use MS Word and to keep it simple. Send one file, single-spaced, single column in a font such as Times New Roman or Arial. Tables should be clear and legible using minimal amounts of lines and bold text to indicate columns. Please do not use automated features such as complicated headers and footnotes.
  3. References: Please DO NOT send files that use automated referencing software such as Reference Manager or Endnote. It is fine to use this software to develop your manuscript, but please strip out these features before sending your manuscript. Please ensure you use the Harvard system of referencing (i.e. (Smith et al, 2011)) in the text and avoid numbered references (Vancouver). This is to ensure your referencing is accurate. Prior to submission, we can always adjust your manuscript to journal style as appropriate. 
  4. Images: To save yourself time and money, I highly advise you to make sure that your images are set to a resolution of at least 300 dpi. Most journals require this. If possible, you should supply graphics as vector graphics (if you don't know what these are, ask me). Please do not bury images in the manuscript in MS Word. Send them as seperate files in a format such as .jpg, .tif or PDF. Whilst I can help you obtain copyright permission for images you can always ensure you have permission yourself.
  5. Contacts: Please supply contact details of all authors as appropriate. This will help in coordinating approval of the manuscript, obtaining signatures as necessary and generating the cover page(s) of your manuscript.
  6. Deadlines and timings: Let me know early on if you have a deadline to meet. It's also good to know if you have to obtain approvals prior to publication. 
  7. Checking edited text: You will receive from me a fully marked up document containing edits, comments etc. I might also send a version with the markup removed. It depends how much of it there is. You will also receive an editorial review on what you need to do next and why I have done what I have done. When providing feedback and corrections, please do so in one go. This lowers the chances of accidently missing corrections. Any final changes should equally be provided in one document.  


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