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Academic Book Development


Whether you have been approached by a publisher to write an academic book or feel that your scientific area lacks a decent reference work to which you can refer students, one guarantee is that it is a lot of work to actually pull it off.  I can help you. During my career as a scientist and particularly over the past year specialising as a scientific writer, I have gained plenty of experience in this area. With you acting as academic (co-) editor, I can help you with:

  • Defining the coverage of your book (what are you going to tell your readers)
  • Developing a book proposal
  • Finding and inviting suitable co-authors
  • Co-ordinating authors in production of chapter manuscripts to clear deadlines
  • Editing manuscripts for continual language style between chapters
  • Developmental scientific writing
  • Image management (ensuring images are suitable for printing)
  • Establishing copyright permissions of images
  • Typesetting
  • Cover design
  • Indexing (via the services of a professional indexer)
  • Plagarism checks
  • Obtaining ISBNs and registration
  • Liasing with your final publisher and printer as necessary
  • Help with self-publishing your book

Such projects are a considerable undertaking, but with my assistance, I can assure you that your book makes it to publication and will be worth reading. Academic books don't tend to make a great deal of money, but they do help in building your academic reputation and thought leadership in your particular area of expertise.

Please contact me for a confidential discussion and I will send you an estimate of costs as appropriate.

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