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Some examples of previous publications that I have been involved in over the years (as a scientist). Some are published in peer review journals and others have appeared in academic books. The style very much reflects the services I can provide you now as a scientific writer. 

I have tried to provide downloadable versions where available (and as much as I dare to not infringe copyright!).

Probiotics and Prebiotics in Female Health

This review took a look at how probiotics and prebiotics might be useful in a variety of common women's health issues. There is a particular focus on conditions associated with the menopause.  This review was published in the Journal of the British Menopause Society in 2003.

Here is the abstract as it appeared in the Journal of the British Menopause Society in 2003:

Functional foods such as probiotics, prebiotics and nutraceuticals are of extreme interest to researchers. There is growing evidence that these food ingredients may improve and in some cases treat certain conditions that are implicated in women's health. The use of probiotics (live, beneficial bacteria) in improving gastrointestinal and non-gastrointestinal tract conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, candidiasis and other female urogenital tract conditions are reviewed. Emphasis is also given to the importance of prebiotics (non-digestible food ingredients) in osteoporosis management and alleviation of menopausal symptoms and reducing the onset of cancer.

You can access the full text here.  You may need to pay a fee to access the full text. 

Here is the full reference with a list of all the authors:

Smejkal C, Kolida S, Bingham M, Gibson G, McCartney A (2003).  Probiotics and Prebiotics in Female Health.  Journal of the British Menopause Society 9(2): 69-74

Please note that the Journal has now changed its name to Menopause International

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