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Some examples of previous publications that I have been involved in over the years (as a scientist). Some are published in peer review journals and others have appeared in academic books. The style very much reflects the services I can provide you now as a scientific writer. 

I have tried to provide downloadable versions where available (and as much as I dare to not infringe copyright!).

Functional foods: Dietary intervention strategies in autistic spectrum disorders

This review put the spotlight on the possible role of the human gut microbiota in autism and related conditions.  It is an early work and the field has moved on a little since this was published.  It was first published on FoodScienceCentral.com in their FST Bulletin in 2003.

Here is the abstract:

Interest in the role of diet in human health and disease has grown significantly over the past few years and has led to a rapid growth in the market for functional foods.  However, one much less researched area is that of the role of diet in autism and autistic spectrum disorders.  In reviewing this area, the question of whether there is any potential for dietary interventions is considered along with a detailed discussion of the possible roles the human gut microflora might play in the development and symptomology of autism and autistic spectrum disorders.  It has been known for a number of years that the concepts of probiotics, prebiotics and synbiotics run concurrently with the concept of a healthy gut.  Many anecdotal reports and, to a lesser extent, scientific reports suggest that many autistic subjects suffer from severe gastrointestinal problems.  The issue of whether probiotics, prebiotics and synbiotics as functional food ingredients can be used in the relief of some of the symptoms of autism and autistic spectrum disorders is discussed.

You can access the full text here although you will need to pay a fee. 

Here is the full reference:

Bingham M (2003). Functional foods: Dietary intervention strategies in autistic spectrum disorders. Food Science and Technology Bulletin 15th May 2003

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