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Some examples of previous publications that I have been involved in over the years (as a scientist). Some are published in peer review journals and others have appeared in academic books. The style very much reflects the services I can provide you now as a scientific writer. 

I have tried to provide downloadable versions where available (and as much as I dare to not infringe copyright!).

A Gut Feeling about Autism

This article, first published in the Autism File, covers the potential role of the human gut microbiota in autism and related conditions.  It is a commentary rather than a scientific review and was designed to help parents with children who have autism understand what was at the time a new area of research.

Once I have located the text in electronic form, I will post the introduction.  If I can obtain permission to publish the entire contents, I will do this here.   

Here is the reference:

Bingham M, Gibson G (2002).  A Gut Feeling about Autism.  The Autism File 10: 25-28

(contact http://www.autismfile.com for reprints)


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