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Some examples of previous publications that I have been involved in over the years (as a scientist). Some are published in peer review journals and others have appeared in academic books. The style very much reflects the services I can provide you now as a scientific writer. 

I have tried to provide downloadable versions where available (and as much as I dare to not infringe copyright!).

Prebiotic effect of fruit and vegetable shots containing Jerusalem artichoke inulin: a human intervention study

This human intervention study was performed in collaboration with The University of Reading, UK. It first appeared in the British Journal of Nutrition in March 2010.

GC-MS methods for metabolic profiling of microbial fermentation products of dietary polyphenols in human and in vitro studies.

This project was all about developing new methods to detect polyphenols in various biological matricies.  It was published in the Journal of Chromatography B in 2008.

(1)H NMR metabolite profiling of feces as a tool to assess the impact of nutrition on the human microbiome.

This paper is all about the development of a comprehensive measurement tool for gut microbial metabolites.  It was then used to assess the effects of nutritional interventions on the human gut microbiome.  It was published in 2008 in NMR in Biomedicine.

Differences between the gut microflora of children with autisitic spectrum disorders and that of healthy children

This project was a prospective study designed to understand if there were any fundamental differences in gut microbiota composition between children with and without autisitic spectrum disorders.  It appeared in the Journal of Medical Microbiology in 2005.

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