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Max Bingham, PhD - Science Writer and EditorAbout Dr Max Bingham

Hi, I am a scientific writer and editor and I help scientists produce peer-reviewed manuscripts for publication in scientific journals. I can also help in the production of academic books and with science communications and outreach work. I have been in my 'current role' since August 1st 2010.

Pong-ology: A career in science

My previous history basically runs like this. I graduated in 2000 from The University of Reading with a BSc in Food Science, Food Economics and Marketing.  I promptly started a PhD at Reading in Food Biosciences and specifically gut microbiology.  This was all about doing fundamental research in the development of probiotics and prebiotics and resulted in various publications, book chapters, conference presentations, a couple of TV appearances and all the normal stuff PhD students are expected to deal with. Some called me crazy working in possibly the smelliest lab in the UK.  It looked cool though:  Pong-ology according to the New Scientist.

The Netherlands: Continuing the adventure

After completing my PhD in 2003, I moved to The Netherlands and started a Marie Curie fellowship (postdoc) at Unilever R&D in Vlaardingen.  This was all about something called metabonomics, writing reports, publishing papers and that kind of thing.  I then managed to get a job with them as a research scientist dealing with... gut microbiology.  Same science, different environment, still as smelly.  Trust me, science in industry is a whole different game. 

A big thing I got into, courtesy of my time in industry, was open innovation (wikinomics-style), science 2.0/3.0 and information communications.  I find it fascinating how the web is now allowing us to collaborate on a scale that was un-imaginable even 5 years ago.  This has got to be important to science and business.  It is certainly featuring in my thoughts right now as I develop my business.

Scientific Writing and Science Communications

One of the things I noticed during my time in industry was that scientists but above all some really seriously senior decision makers and chiefs in charge always relied on only a few sources of information... and in some cases their quality was shocking.  I won't name them but, trust me, it drove me to absolute distraction that they were doing this.  So, a lot of my time was eventually spent busting myths and correcting scientific untruths. The other interesting aspect of being native English in a really international setting was the amount of requests I received to review/edit reports and papers, particularly from colleagues that had English as a second language. I was always pleased to help and I fully admit that I really enjoyed it. I soon got a bit of reputation for straight talking and scientific writing and communications. I think they appreciated it.

It's from this background that you find me now "doing it live" in the real world.  I departed from Unilever in July 2010, took a holiday and now you find me a year into this new adventure. To sum it up: If you are looking for an experienced scientific writer, editor or whatever else you want to call me, just get in contact with me.

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