Manuscripts get rejected for all sorts of reasons. It’s all part of the game. However, one of the most contentious types of rejection goes something like this:

“We receive many more papers than we can ever publish or review and on this occasion we have decided not to proceed further with your submission. [...]

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Scientific papers can fall at many hurdles in the peer review process, which is what it’s there for. However, not even reaching peer review because an editor rejected it, can be really hard to swallow. It’s called rejected without review and here’s why it happens.

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Communicating Science 2.0

On October 18, 2011 By

Getting a scientific message out from behind the lab doors can be a daunting task in this wired-up world. I gave a talk about this in Paris recently. Read on for the linked up version of the talk, the slides and, when I get hold of it… the video.

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