I’m a freelance scientific writer and editor and some say entrepreneur. I help scientists with writing and editing, academic book production and science communications. I have PhD in microbiology, nutrition and health from the University of Reading in the UK and I have worked for over 10 years as a research scientist in the same area. I have published numerous papers and done everything a scientist is expected to do. I decided last year (for various reasons) it was time to chase a dream and see what the world of freelancing as a science writer is like. One year in and you find me still at it.

This blog is not my main blog. It’s more of a space to think about the world of scientific publishing and communications, build ideas and share thoughts. SciComms is not a topic I’ve studied particularly on a fancy MSc course at a well known university. It’s just a topic I’ve been interested in for well over five years (although I didn’t know it) and found myself doing as part of being a scientist. I’ll be talking about all sorts of topics with some bits that will probably interest more people than others. You can expect some juice on negative results, open-access publishing, geeky software and web 2.0 apps, new initiatives, crowd-sourced platforms and probably some thoughts on evolving stories in the media that I think are interesting. I’ll probably also post on bits and pieces I’ve been up to in “the day job”.

Having said all this, I’m expecting surprises, a lot of nerdy discussion and probably to learn a thing or two in the process. Or at least that is what I hope.

I’ll elaborate much more about where I think this blog will go in the first few posts. Last thing, feel free to get involved with comments, emails and Twitter (@maxbingham). Looking forward to it!


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