Last year, I made a first foray into blogging here. I learned a bit! The idea was to pick over interesting ideas loosely related to science communications, academic publishing and other bits and pieces. Well, things have changed with 24 Media Labs and I’ve decided to take it in a different direction. The blog is not going to disappear (except for one post); it’s just not going to focus on science communications issues. That’s for here. So, for posterity here are a set of links to some of the articles I produced. Enjoy!

Blogging science and career prospects: Science Magazine

“A new analysis of science blogging and career prospects has appeared in Science’s Career Magazine. Here’s a quick summary.

Blogging about science is a hot topic these days. Aside from the raging debates about whether it can adequately replace science journalism or support it, can blogging about your science seriously affect your career prospects?”

Guides on ‘why and how to communicate your research’ now available

A short post highlighting two very good handbooks on science communications.

New blog tells us why and how all scientists should be blogging

“A new blog, appropriately called the Science of Blogging, promises to highlight how and why all scientists should be… blogging. Here’s the detail.”

Peer Review to get reviewed… by MPs

“The Commons Science and Technology Committee of the UK Parliament has announced it is to conduct a review of Peer Review. We take a look at what they have promised to review and wonder what it might mean for communicating science.”

‘Flu vaccine ‘breakthrough’ research published in… The Guardian?

“Another example of questionable practices and odd communication strategy appears to be emerging today. This time it’s all about early stage vaccine research for ‘flu.”

I posted this after getting a bit ticked off about missing links in the article. I then found out that the study which it was based on was not published, which I thought was remarkable given the gravity and potential impact of the work.


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