I’ve been considering doing this (blogging) for a while but for one reason or another, it just never really happened. It’s time for a change and to start walking the talk. Find out more about what I’m doing and hoping to achieve.

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Last year I decided to take a leap into the world of freelancing and construct a living out of my interests in communicating science and writing. It has been one hell of a year with some significant high points and low points. Dumping a well established scientific career path for this left many of my ex-colleagues scratching their heads and wondering if I’d lost it. A fair analysis. But the truth was that I’d been planning it for two years. A year in, I’m now clear on what has worked and what has not and consequently where I’m going (my front page should give you a fair idea).
So, what is this blog about? Well, this is a space for me to think, chat and generally go on and on about stuff that interests me. The topics will reflect my interests from a business perspective and will probably cover everything from nerdy issues and developments in academic publishing (non-publication of negative results, open access publishing, post-publication peer review come to mind), techniques used in writing up academic manuscripts and science communications and outreach techniques (that probably impress me, but then again also might tick me off). If I get around to it, I might also cover techniques for publishing Web 2.0 style and new web apps that I think might have some chance of being a success or useful for my clients. Let’s see how it develops.I did set a blog up on 24 Media Labs in January this year. It’s still there and it has managed to get some attention over the past year (which has given me some confidence).¬†However, my focus has changed and the reality of running a business means the content there just doesn’t work for where I’m going with 24 Media Labs as a brand. I’ll still add to it, probably cross-post and maybe make some announcements there. It really depends how the “brand” of 24 Media Labs develops.

I’ll leave it there and get things going with some real content.


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