Max Bingham, Science Writer and Editor

Max Bingham

Science Writer and Editor

Max Bingham provides full technical writing and editing services for scientists interested in getting published in peer reviewed journals. You can mix and match any of my services to suit your needs:

Scientific/ medical writing | Editing and Proofreading | Journal style adherence | Submission assistance | Peer review response | Academic book development | Grant Proposals | Communications and Outreach.

I specialise in helping scientists where time is the limiting factor on publication and/or English is a second language. Contact me today if you are interested.


Scientific Writing and Editing

Affordable writing and editing services for scientists.

Science Communications and Outreach

Helping you communicate your message accurately and maximising your impact and reach.

Academic Book Publishing Project?

Speed up your time to publication,  recognition and thought leadership in your scientific area.

Quotation and Prices

Most projects that I undertake are bespoke which means each one is priced on an individual basis. Some examples are available here.

Areas of Expertise

Biomedical sciences including clinical trials, infectious disease, disease treatments, microbiology, nutrition, genomics and more...

23323379_M_100x100.pngWhy use a Science Writer?

I can help you publish your work in many situations: No time to write up your data? Negative result? English not your 1st language? Just get in contact.

From the blog...

Publish and Flourish: The Scientific Writing Manifesto 2012-07-08 I have a load of mates that are scientists. They are good people and good fun. They toil away with their pipettes hoping to unravel the mysteries of life. When their computer models spit out the same result as their squillion-petri-dish…


Autism: A call for trials with Probiotics 2011-12-01 Incredible claims of some probiotic manufacturers are sometimes not backed up by incredible evidence. It is particularly a problem when such products are targeted at vulnerable groups. This includes children with autism. A recent review says…
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